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Forbes: How to Leverage New Trends in Your Business

August 31, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

To stay successful as a business owner, the right decisions need to be made at the right time. The success of your business depends on it. Knowing how to identify and leverage emerging trends can make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape.

Read up on the 7 strategies, Forbes Council Member and Business owner, Diana Rodriquez-Zaba uses to stay ahead of the competition and identify trends that impact her business. 

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Revving Up Traxx Indoor Raceway’s Website

August 28, 2019 | Written by Matt Cail

Most any business has a website nowadays. What is less understood is that just having that website is not enough. You have to keep it updated, not to mention secure. After a number of years you have to redesign it too. Traxx Indoor Raceway had been a longtime client of Super Charge Marketing’s for lead generation (Google ads sending interested people to their site to convert as customers). When they asked us about exploring a website redesign, we were excited to help. 

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Google’s Small Business Road Map

July 18, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

Digital Marketing is incredibly important for a business. Social media, your website, SEO, online advertising and email marketing are all pieces of digital marketing. Each piece represents your brand, helps bring in new leads, and educates customers. 

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Inc Magazine: Coffee is a Superfood

July 12, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

You read that right. Coffee. Is. A. Superfood! You can finally indulge in this caffeinated goodness with a clear conscious.

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Low Unemployment is Great – Unless you’re a Small Business Owner

May 8, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein



It’s hard to find good help, and it’s even harder to keep them. Especially for small businesses.

The unemployment rate is 3.6%, the lowest it’s been since December 1969. Which is great for workers, but bad for the smaller companies that make up the majority of U.S. businesses.

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