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BizX is the ultimate toolbox for savvy businesses who want to reach new customers.

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With BizX, you sell your goods or services for BizX dollars, then spend those dollars on the things your business needs most. Products range from day-to-day items to construction and upgrades, perks, travel, and much more.

In the BizX marketplace, your business is listed squarely in front of potential new customers. BizX will even guarantee you new sales!

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Benefits of Using BizX

Increase Cash Flow

Each year, BizX helps members save more than $20 million in cash flow through the power of barter.

Gain Market Share

Being part of the BizX marketplace puts your business squarely in front of potential new customers. We guarantee new sales!

More Spending Power

BizX fosters a barter-based digital currency. Take your business's excess capacity and convert it to BizX dollars!

Member Success Stories

BizX provides the access necessary for your business to accomplish everything from contracting and marketing to printing and providing employee incentives. Our network includes goods and services in industries such as events, health and wellness, construction, travel, restaurants, professional services, and much more. Member success stories showcase how small businesses and nonprofits in our network are helping each other grow!

What Members Are Saying

"Every service we’ve had through BizX has blown away our expectations. The companies are researched beforehand, they’re reputable and professional, and we’ve always been happy with the results!"

— Anand Gokel
CEO and Owner, The Queen Anne Hotel

"Some of the vacation packages that BizX has put together and other motivational things that we have done for our employees have been over the top because we couldn’t have done those in the early days without BizX."

— Bill Cahill
Founder and CEO, Beacon Plumbing

"BizX makes total sense to me. I don’t incur additional costs when people come in and spend their BizX certificates. I am not turning on more lights or renting more space. All of my fixed costs remain the same and I make additional income."

— John Schmidt
Founder, Neighborhood Grills

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