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BizX is Simple To Use!

Buy with BizX = Increase Cash Flow

Identify a Business Expense

Identify your business or personal needs (expenses) for your business.

Connect with BizX

Use the BizX Team and the Marketplace to connect to BizX Members that can fulfill your need(s). 

Business as Usual!

You transact with the fellow member using BizX dollars and receive what you need.

Keep your Cash, Pay with BizX

Paying with BizX dollars allows you to keep more cash in your business.

Sell with BizX = New Customers

Identify How Many Customers You Can Take

How much can you earn when you are at 100% full? How much capacity do you have?

Create Your BizX Marketplace Profile

Work with BizX Member Services to create your BizX Marketplace directory listing and offerings.

Markets your Business to other Members

New Customers will find you within the BizX Community. Our Team and Platform will get you in front of other businesses.

New Customers and Lasting Relationships

The BizX Member Community is comprised of motivated buyers that always prefer buying from businesses accepting BizX dollars.

How to Account and Accept BizX Dollars

BizX transactions are treated just like cash ones.

Receive your monthly BizX statement which will show all purchases and sales for each month. Track all new sales & purchases directly from your BizX account. Give and get invoices and receipts just like any cash transaction.

Account Statement

BizX Economics

The ability to pay for items at your own variable cost greatly decreases your cash out-of-pocket for every BizX purchase. The example below compares a $10,000 expense with and without BizX, assuming a 35% variable cost.

Without BizX

With BizX


Purchase price



New BizX Sales



Out-of-Pocket Expense



BizX Transaction Fee



Cash Out of Pocket

-$5,000 2X Buying Power

Spending BizX. Saving Cash.

As champions of small businesses, we understand how critical cash flow is and how tight margins can get. Using a barter trade exchange unlocks a network to thousands of businesses - a win-win for your business, existing customers or clients, and your employees. Get excited and join us!

Get a BizX Line of Credit Today!

Get the funds you need to grow your business now and pay it back from your new, loyal BizX customer base without increasing your cash debt.

Commission-Only Sales Force

BizX is more than a company. BizX is an idea and platform for community and collaboration. It's a gathering of smart business owners with a common purpose - to upgrade their businesses and lives through the power of trade. The BizX team exists to fuel that trade, to enable businesses like yours to unlock their full potential.

Our pricing is transparent.  The only charges are a cash percentage on the value of each transaction you make in the network. Rest assured, this is not a credit card processing fee, but rather more akin to a commission-only sales fee.

Joining the Network Gets You:

  • Direct access to thousands of business owners
  • Member-only education events
  • Multiple account holders
  • Up to 10 listings on the BizX Marketplace
  • Monthly statement of activity
  • Access to the Employee Incentive Perks Program
  • Automatic IRS reporting
  • Up to$2,500 line of credit of BizX dollars
  • Transaction fees between 6-7.5%*

* Please reach out to us to discuss a customized rate quote.

BizX Introduction

How do you spend your BizX dollars? How do you gain more BizX business?

BizX Spending

How do you spend your BizX funds? There are over 7,000+ members who offer goods and services just like yourself!

BizX New Customers

If there was a way to deliver more loyal customers on an ongoing basis, would do it?

Meet Our Members

Upgrading Your Business Starts With a Simple Introduction