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Topic: BizX Community

Member Spotlight | BizX Community | Success Stories

BizX Success: NuOz

January 25, 2022 | Written by BizX

As computing went from room-sized machines to being ubiquitous in every office and many households, and then from the Y2K bug panic to our modern day pocket computers, NuOz has been there to keep its clients connected, managed, and—most importantly—protected with its expansive IT services. With a focus on small to medium sized business and enterprises (but also working with local behemoths Costco and Nordstrom), NuOz (and their subsidiary Revonix) was a natural fit when it joined BizX’s community in 2006.

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BizX Community | BizX Events | Holiday Shopping

2021 Holiday Season Exceeds Expectations all Around

January 13, 2022 | Written by BizX

Over the last couple of years, one critical and constant way BizX and our member community has navigated the pandemic waves has been listening. Listening to our member base and the small business community at large has given us the understanding to be successful. Two recent instances have been: What do you need to make your holiday shopping season as carefree and seamless as possible? and What type of holiday event would you want?

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BizX Community

A New Year Letter to Our Members

January 12, 2022 | Written by Bob Bagga

Dear BizX Member,

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Charity | BizX Community | Bartering Network

A Benevolent Tradition Continues: Paying it Forward as a Community

January 12, 2022 | Written by BizX

(Athletes take part in a run/walk to raise funds for BizX Member, Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer)

Year after year, BizX emphasizes the importance of Giving Tuesday and our charitable members who make a positive difference day in and day out. In these tumultuous times non-profits are so incredibly vital for underfunded causes and people in need. They depend on the generosity of individual donors and businesses to carry out their purpose and as it is in the BizX lifeblood; we are proud to step up, speak out, and raise funds for these organizations.

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BizX Education | BizX Community | Holiday Shopping

Perks: A Cashless Way to Reward Your Employees this Holiday Season!

December 14, 2021 | Written by BizX



For the vast majority of holiday shoppers, we have found ourselves in this situation: stretched thin for time, not super clear on what the recipient(s) needs or wants, we speed walk to that "giant front rack in the sky" of gift cards. Fast food sports bar? Online app store? Oh perfect - an American Express/Visa/Mastercard gift card! They can use it on anything! Then the cashier rings up your cash total and you start thinking of all your holiday cash expenses. There has to be a better way...

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