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Topic: Bizx Events

BizX Events

The 2024 Northwest Event Show Winners...

April 9, 2024 | Written by BizX

It was fantastic to see the impressive showcase of over 200 businesses in the hospitality industry at the NWES. 


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BizX Community | BizX Events | Holiday Shopping

2021 Holiday Season Exceeds Expectations all Around

January 13, 2022 | Written by BizX

Over the last couple of years, one critical and constant way BizX and our member community has navigated the pandemic waves has been listening. Listening to our member base and the small business community at large has given us the understanding to be successful. Two recent instances have been: What do you need to make your holiday shopping season as carefree and seamless as possible? and What type of holiday event would you want?

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BizX Education | BizX Events

"How to Stay Neutral & Think Like a Champion" Webinar Recap

May 27, 2020 | Written by Jen Park

If you’ve never heard the name Trevor Moawad, stop what you’re doing and write his name down! Trevor and his company Limitless Minds, hosted a webinar with BizX on May 14th. He is the mental conditioning coach of Russell Wilson (Go Hawks 💙💚!!) and took an hour to help us all learn “How to Stay Neutral and Think Like a Champion”. He has been named the “Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated and he lives up to that name!

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