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Topic: Small Business

Management | small business | Business Resources

A Member and Community Help Businesses Navigate Complexities

June 22, 2022 | Written by BizX's BizX Story

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small business | BizX Community | New Members

New BizX Members This Summer!

August 30, 2021 | Written by BizX


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We are excited to welcome some diverse and extraordinary members into the collaborative fold this Summer! See below all the new and unique products and services you can spend your BizX on going forward.
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small business | BizX Community | Barter Exchange

How BizX Stands Out amongst Barter Exchanges

June 24, 2021 | Written by BizX


Remember those tacky but catchy “freedom” credit card ads from a certain bank a few years back? How this card would unlock the gate to anything and everything you could imagine and give you that liberty that was so “absent” in your life? Since the diversification of payment methods began, we have seen a healthy competition between banks, creditors, currency, and barter exchanges alike that them and only them offer the ideal incentives for you to be part of their community. Everything is complimentary (until the bill+interest rate comes in the mail)!

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Member Spotlight | small business | BizX Community | barter

BizX Success: Ember Fitness

June 10, 2021 | Written by BizX

BizX Members, Jon Farrell (L) and Eddie Redman (R) get on their flex all on BizX.

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Member Spotlight | small business | BizX Community

BizX Success: The Queen Anne Hotel

May 13, 2021 | Written by BizX

The luxurious style of San Francisco’s Queen Anne Hotel eternally captures the timeless romance of the 19th Century gold rush. Nestled among the “Painted Ladies” mansions in the Bay Area’s Pacific Heights, the historic building has been a symbol of elaborate architecture and Victorian glamour since 1890.

The interior of the Victorian mansion is as charming and elegant as its pink exterior. Grand entrances, antique furnishings, chandeliers and roaring fireplaces greet you as you step into history at this boutique hotel.

At peak times, the Queen Anne Hotel can accommodate upwards of 100 guests at a time. While travel has been limited this past year due to COVID-19, CEO and owner Anand Gokel has utilized the hotel’s relationship with bartering networks to keep rooms filled and the hotel running.

“We’ve always turned to exchange companies to help preserve the bottom line,” says Gokel. A member of various exchanges companies in the past, Gokel was referred to BizX a few years ago by a friend and fellow member. After making the switch to BizX, Gokel says, “We would never go back to another exchange. BizX absolutely has the most to offer.”

From services to improve the hotel (painting, repairs) to perks that boost employee morale (welcome baskets, restaurant gift cards), Gokel has found ways to use BizX services, both before and during the pandemic. The most common service used is to help fill empty rooms. Especially due to the pandemic, Queen Anne Hotel has seen fewer visitors, which means empty rooms that impact cashflow. Through BizX, the hotel is referred to other members who can provide BizX dollars in exchange for a stay.

The silver lining to limited travel is that Queen Anne Hotel has been able to make significant hotel enhancements with its BizX credit that puts the hotel in optimal shape once busy season rolls back around. The antique carpets, that boast Victorian patterns in saturated hues, are “no ordinary shampoo job,” says Gokel. Using the BizX network, they were able to have the carpets professionally cleaned and all the walls painted, which saved tens of thousands of dollars in cashflow. “If we couldn’t do it through BizX, we likely weren’t going to be able to do it at all,” Gokel remarks.

Gokel recommends BizX to everyone and anyone . “Sometimes I think people have the wrong idea about a barter exchange,” he says. “They may assume you’re getting a lesser product for a lesser price, but that couldn’t be further off. Every service we’ve had through BizX has blown away our expectations. The companies are researched beforehand, they’re reputable and professional, and we’ve always been happy with the results!”

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