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BizX Education

The Power of Sponsorships: Boost Your Advertising Strategy

May 14, 2024 | Written by BizX

Discover how sponsorships can take your advertising strategy to the next level.

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BizX Events

The 2024 Northwest Event Show Winners...

April 9, 2024 | Written by BizX

It was fantastic to see the impressive showcase of over 200 businesses in the hospitality industry at the NWES. 


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Everything You Need to Throw a Memorable Event

March 20, 2024 | Written by BizX

Planning a party can be overwhelming, but with the right essentials in place, you can throw a memorable event that your guests will love. From decorations to food and entertainment, this checklist has you covered.

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Complete Spring Cleaning Services: Don't Forget These Areas

March 6, 2024 | Written by BizX

Discover the importance of thorough spring cleaning services and ensure no area is overlooked with these key tips.

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Events | Success Stories

BizX in Action - A Night To Remember

February 16, 2024 | Written by BizX

The Seattle Sports Commission (SSC) serves as a dynamic and unifying entity that harnesses the transformative influence of sports to create both social and economic benefits.

Every year, the Seattle Sports Commission (SSC) orchestrates an extraordinary evening dedicated to recognizing and honoring a diverse range of athletes from various sports. The Sports Star of the Year Awards is a glamorous affair, and Bizx was elated to be involved.

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