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Decluttering the Barter Trade

March 24, 2021 | Written by BizX

Barter Trade

As the vaccinations continue to roll out across the world, we are starting to see glimpses of normalcy. Some things like seeing family and friends will fall right back into place and others that “don’t fit neatly into the proverbial box” such as going to concerts or movie theatres will need some finessing. One thing that will take a while to unpack is if the value of the barter trade system in purchasing and procurement of certain goods and services is here to regularly compete against traditional monetary systems.

As mentioned in a recent blog post, bartering networks or barter trade systems have been around longer than any type of tangible paper or coin. At the height of quarantine, besides conserving cash, the pandemic caused many of us to unintentionally take on home projects we may not have felt we had “time” for normally. One of the most popular and easy ones was decluttering, organizing, and discovering what was truly valuable to their home. The “giveaway” or “barter trade” piles could become rather large. Stuck at home, eCommerce and digital barter trade websites and apps like BizX and Offer Up began to start seeing more and more members post home décor and look for things to buy without having to reach into their wallet. This in itself shows the opportunity and value there is in the barter trade: a product or good that in one person’s eyes is not worth owning anymore could be the missing gem to someone else.

Another basic benefit of the barter trade is the room it gives sellers for reinvention. Unlike anytime in recent memory, in 2020 we saw members reinvent their goods and services to go above and beyond catering to the community. From the wine & spirits companies producing hand sanitizers and face masks to advertising firms distributing sanitizers as well, the barter networks became more and more creative for members to continue to actively trade.

Credit card companies try to sell potential members on how their point accrual system stands out amongst many with their relationships with airlines and hotels. Yet that tends to be offset by their high interest rates found in the tiny fine print. The barter trade allows buyers and sellers to compete with the credit cards with access to the same without the interest hidden in plain sight. Until you are in the barter trade game, it can be easy to realize what one can barter. Vacations/Holidays, Roofing and Gutters, Virtual Learning have nothing in common, besides that they can all be traded for!

As we wind down on Q1 2021, now is the time to review your annual goals. If there is not a spot already for “staying up to date and organized with barter and BizX”, now is the time to add it. It is an exciting time for this business community. New members continue to join offering clear, concise ways to trade for what you want. Our greatest, always improving habit is making sure that we go above and beyond with thinking of ourselves as our business members and how to provide you the best service. You make this community what it is. We are here to facilitate it. All positive feedback and constructive criticism are welcomed. To optimize your “BizXperience”, very soon we will be rolling out a Resolution Desk to cover all the bases when it comes to trading on BizX. We believe that this is a key step in transparency to make sure all members are treated respectfully and fairly. Watch this space but until then stay focused and have fun!

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