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Building and Enhancing a Sustainable Bartering Network

February 25, 2021 | Written by BizX

Reflecting on our principles, we take a look back at the history of barter to answer the “Why?” the bartering network will sustain even a global pandemic.


The fiscal transaction experience is something that has constantly evolved and may never be perfected. Yet, we believe a thriving bartering network comes pretty close. The BizX business to business community connecting so many businesses to the necessities they need to prosper should be the positive purpose of all bartering networks.

As we know, the tangible note of paper has no value; it is the symbolism ingrained in people that conveys its relevance. Prior to money being introduced give or take 3,000 years ago, bartering networks and systems were the way of the world. From exchanging bushels of wheat for a pair of shoes the overarching bartering network evolved into more easily traded commodities such as salt, tea, spices, barley, wool and weapons.

Even within the last one hundred years, the native people of Papua New Guinea simply used seashells to barter for other goods. Coming full circle, one can see the fundamental differences in value with the items bartered vs. using coinage. At the same time, the conceptual shift to a universally accepted coinage system still leaves room for bartering networks such as BizX to give better deals to consumers and maximize the excess goods in the current system.

Moreover, barter historically has kept economic trade afloat during times of financial crisis (sound familiar?). When either money is valued too low, high, or simply unstable, consumers prefer to barter to get the things they need. With the advent of the internet and the digital revolution, leaders like BizX are able to organize their marketplaces of barter by business, product, and/or services type assuring that members of their respective barter exchange will most likely find a fellow member to make an offer a lot easier than the old days of barter on the old silk road!

Even with the emergence of cryptocurrency, mirroring our online currency off of the standard reserve unit of currency in international markets allows the BizX business member community a sense of stability when transacting BizX dollars. Why not just use dollars then? The reality is when one spends money, they always are looking on that deal to save. Using BizX keeps the other dollars in your pocket to save and grow your business.

In these times of social distancing, bartering networks aim to bring back that feeling of human connection and trust lost during cash transactions with big empires that saturate one’s digital ads. The BizX bartering network is setup for one not only to get what they need but to build a lasting professional and sometimes personal rapport with fellow members.

All one must do is view our testimonial page to see the simple satisfaction members receive when transacting with each other. This has been reemphasized during the current pandemic. Longtime member, Grand Event Rentals pivoted from creating large and beautiful gathering décor to finding a niche enhancing the outdoor dining experience for fellow restaurant members. Winemakers started to sell PPE on their marketplace. Member Hotels took advantage of low occupancy rates with member contractors to renovate without disturbing the peace. If a bartering network can be this resilient during a pandemic, the sky is the limit when we can freely go out and work with members in person.


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