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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

January 21, 2021 | Written by BizX

Barter | BizX When the gravity of the pandemic started to ensconce our day to day in every which way, BizX did not back down to the challenge of rethinking how and what we could to do to keep our business community on stable ground. Change can be hard and we needed to rely on our strong core values to stay the course.

One business line we knew would be significantly hit harder than others was our non-profit and charitable sector. Living our purpose to enrich these members in our community would take more precision than in previous years, nonetheless, through the generosity of our entire BizX business community, we are happy to report that selflessness prevailed and 2020 charitable giving was a success.

Over the last year, the BizX community:

  • Raised $170,000+ for our charities and sponsorships. These organizations can now turnaround and spend this BizX to offset real budget and operational expenditures, which will result in freeing up more cash to serve their purpose.
  • The BizX Team donated $25,000 through our December season of giving holiday event raffle and 1% of our December trade volume promise.
  • A total of 16 different non-profit benefactors including holiday event partners, the Why Not You Foundation, Food Lifeline, Rivkin Center, and Habitat for Humanity of King County.

"Using BizX was like having an added shot of adrenaline for our 2020 Season of Giving fundraising campaign," said Mark Coleman of Food Lifeline. "We used our BizX dollars to secure radio and digital advertising that is already showing increased results. BizX has raised several thousands of dollars for us in the past year in their bartering network, and we can’t say how important those funds have been to our work helping people who are facing hunger. It’s companies like BizX that help us show the world that hunger doesn’t have to happen."

We are encouraged by these numbers and members such as Food Lifeline as we stay the course of thinking big and navigating the new normal. We believe we can eclipse these accomplishments in 2021 and are excited to work with our entire barter network to exceed all expectations!

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