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Unveiling an Upgraded Member Experience

September 25, 2019 | Written by Bob Bagga

BizX Team photo Christmas 2019

At BizX, our purpose is to improve the lives & businesses of our members - and this guides our team every day. The experience of our members is paramount.

To this end, we are investing in the future. The growth that the BizX network has had over the past year has pushed our current systems & operating procedures to the limit, and so we’ve undertaken significant technological investments and re-imagined our company structure, to better suit the size of our business, the speed at which business moves, and ultimately better serve you - our member. 

Fundamentally, BizX delivers you new customers & helps you save cash. To capture these benefits, at certain times you are motivated to sell, and others to spend. As such, the core shift is from an Account Management structure to a more systematic approach where our team is divided into two specialties.

First, a group that helps you spend your BizX (Sourcing Team). Second, a group that helps drive you new customers (Merchandising & Promotions Team). Additionally, a third group is focused on bringing new members into the network to meet your current needs (Member Development). 

With this restructure comes new tools at your disposal that give you much more control over your BizX experience, namely:

  • Spending BizX:
    • Purchase Request Form - use this form for large purchases that you’re unable to easily find on your own via the marketplace or directory
  • Earning new customers:
  • General requests, questions, comments, concerns:
  • Marketing / content contributions - we want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening in your business, we’ll tell the rest of the community:
  • Travel

What does this mean for you? Simple: you retain a personal point of contact, but in addition, you now have a team working, on your behalf, to drive new revenue & preserve your cash. In short - a better BizX. 

Still have a few questions? Check out our Restructuring FAQ page!

Thank you for being an Amazing Member.

Bob Bagga

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