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What does this mean for me?

Basically - great stuff. You keep a personal point of contact, but in addition, you have a team of specialists dedicated to helping you buy, helping you sell, and bringing new members into the network.

Why are you making this change now?

The BizX network of business owners has grown substantially over the past years - which is very exciting. We are continuously challenging ourselves to deliver a better member experience every day, leaving no stone unturned. By reorganizing the company in this way, we are setting up a process that ensures a consistent, high quality experience for all of our members.

Do I still have an Account Manager?

We do not currently have the title of Account Manager. We've added additional resources & teams to support your needs. You can always reach out to your  personal point of contact for any questions and needs that you might have. 

Who do I contact when I need something?

Our new structure is built to deliver even better support with specialized teams working on your behalf. If you need help spending, reach out to or fill out the Purchase Request Form. If you want more sales, email or fill out the Promote My Business Form. You can always reach out to your existing point of contact or and our amazing team is standing by to assist you.

What do I do when I want to make a purchase through BizX?

The first place to go is our upgraded New Member Website - specifically the BUY page. From here, you can explore the Directory, the Marketplace, and finally, you can find the Purchase Request Form, which is perfect for large or difficult to source goods/services. Once submitted, this form will set our Sourcing Team on your project, and they will be back in touch within 48 hours with an update.

What do I do to earn more sales through BizX?

First steps first: ensure that your Business Profile, Directory Listing, and Marketplace Offers are all active, accurate, and attractive. This is key. Next, submit a Generate New Sales Form, which will set our Merchandising & Promotion team on your request. They will be back in touch within 48 hours with an update.

Lastly, we want to sing your praises! If you have success stories, insights, or other content that you want shared, please send it over to and we will amplify it to the community.

Who do I share my referrals with?

First - you’re the best! The best way to submit referrals is via this link. This way we can ensure that your referral is logged, your colleague is followed up with, and that you both get your 100 BizX dollar payment!

Who do I contact when I have issues with my account or other general questions?

We are always here to help. And as such, send any questions, comments, or concerns to and they will get back to you within 48 hours with an answer or solution.

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