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The Shared Qualities of Top Sellers

August 31, 2022 | Written by BizX

Salespeople are in a field that offers great opportunity, but that opportunity must be utilized. According to a study by The Harvard Business School, all it takes is concentration and focus to achieve these top attributes of successful salespeople.

Don't take "no" personally

Good salespeople have high levels of confidence so a no doesn't make them feel like a failure. They may be disappointed, but not devastated.

Hold Yourself 100% Responsible for Results

They don't blame the economy, the competition, or their company for dips in closings. Instead, they work harder to make negatives work to their advantage.

Have an above average ambition and desire to succeed

Not only does this affect their work, but also how they spend their time on and off the job and with whom they associate.

Have high levels of empathy

They make anticipating customer needs, concerns, and responding timely and appropriately a habit.

Intensely Goal-Oriented

Always knowing their objective, being determined to meet it, and how much progress they are making keeps distractions from sidetracking them.

Impeccably honest with self and customer

No matter what the temptation was to fudge, these people resist and gained ongoing trust from customers.

Have the ability to approach strangers

Even when it's uncomfortable!

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