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4 Ways To Stay Motivated And Grow Your Business

May 24, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

Growing a business is a roller coaster of emotions and energy. Here are 4 things numerous entrepreneurs have done to stay motivated through it all. They come from lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor Michael Glauser, as he shared with Entrepeneur magazine.

1. Revisit your purpose

Similar to when you're having trouble in a romantic relationship, it's good to revisit the beginning. Make sure your purpose is still engaging. Does it need to be altered or amended? Once you confirm you have a strong "why," the "what" and "how" will be easier to get through.

2. Manage your thoughts

Research has shown when you think negative, you feel negative. When we have negative or scary thoughts, various chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline are released in the brain, causing feelings of anxiety and depression. When we think positive and optimistic thoughts, happy neurotransmitters are released, helping us feel better. Successful entrepreneurs are masters of optimistic thinking, which keeps their zealous tenacity burning. 

3. Set and achieve goals

Nothing is more motivating than consistent progress toward a desirable destination. Entrepreneurs who set and achieve goals that are linked to an exciting vision have far more energy than those who don’t. In business, you’re either going forward or backwards, and it’s much more invigorating to go forward.

4. Take regular breaks

Launching a new business is like getting on the freeway and putting the pedal to the metal. If you don’t stop occasionally, you run out of gas or burn out the engine. Some entrepreneurs Glauser know gave up everything for their business for years. Looking back, they feel they could have been just as successful, much less stressed, and a great deal happier if they’d taken some time off from their enterprise every now and then.

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