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10 Holiday Tips to save Big with BizX!

Nov 30, 2018 3:42:00 PM | Written by Salina Shugarts

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We want to make this holiday season the best one yet for you and your businesses. You have family to spend time with, events to attend, and employees to reward. We want to make this holiday season as seamless as we can, so here are 10 ways to use BizX for the holidays.

Need A Hand With The Holidays?—Email or contact your account manager for help with any of your holiday planning, presents or events.  

1. Deck the Halls with BizX

Christmas Tree Footer

(All Markets) Deck the halls with GudCraft this year. They have ornaments, Christmas lights and other Christmas MUST-HAVE'S. Use your card right on the Gudcraft website and make sure you select "other ways to pay," then "BizX" at check out! 

(Washington) Hang the Christmas lights without ever getting out your ladder (because who really has time for that anyways?)! Sun Lighting is your 'Holiday Hero' for lights, offering a full service Christmas light package for your home or business—setup, maintenance and take down. Zenith Holland Gardens has Christmas trees galore, of all sizes! Check out their nursery and grab your Christmas tree on BizX.

(California) Get luxurious wreaths, garlands and Christmas trees to add a festive flair to your home or office. Don’t worry California members, ABC Tree Farms has you covered. Visit one of their Northern and Southern California locations. 

2. Gift Certificates and Cards!

Choose from an endless selection of gift cards to give as a gift. High-end restaurants, activities, wineries, salons and more! Check out the most popular gift certificates for Washington, Bay Area and San Diego and grab them while supplies last! 

3. Perks by BizX 

Show your staff some love by enrolling them in our BizX Perks program! This personal BizX debit account allows for easy bonuses and rewards for your top-performing employees. A Perks account has access to all the same goods and services as owner accounts, including the BizX Marketplace and everywhere that accepts the BizX card. 

4. Event Essentials 

Planning events can be stressful, but BizX is here to help! Lock down a caterersecure a venue, buy wine and spirits, even hire an event planner! Throw a hassle-free event and get started now. Let us help you plan your dream holiday event. Save yourself time and energy by filling out our event planning form now!

Did someone say WINE? We are excited to showcase our incredible wineries in the Washington and California markets and encourage everyone to try what’s out there. After all, who doesn't enjoy a nice bottle of wine as a gift? 

photo-1482954363933-4bed6bbea5705. BizX Bling!

Shop luxurious jewelry for you or a loved one this holiday season, without facing the shopping madness. This is the time of year to show & share the love!  Buy fine jewelry, hand-crafted and designed by the best in the BizX community! Explore high end rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches from brands such as Dynamic Designs Jewelry and Maxam Magnata Designer Jewelry & Gems for both men and women. 

Travel Footer Vida Vacations6. #VacationLife

Imagine yourself on a beach, in the mountains or on a cruise—doesn't that sound nice? BizX members have access to some of the most elegant vacation stays, such as the #1 ranked San Diego hotel, the Pantai Inn. Discover all of the amazing travel options available on the BizX Marketplace. Relax in Mexico with your family, explore Montana or enjoy a getaway to California. Fill out a travel request form and let's get your next vacation planned today!

7. Use BizX to Budget for Business

Let's talk about business expenses. Before you start budgeting for 2019, ask yourself if you are fully leveraging your BizX membership. Are you planning on increasing your marketing efforts, revamping your website, renovating your restaurant(s), or looking to expand? What are your main business expenses and can you save that cash using BizX instead? Whether you've got the balance or want to take out a line of credit, make sure you're factoring BizX into your budget in 2019. 

8. Seasons Greetings!

If you are looking for holiday cards, step and repeat banners for events, invites or corporate calendars—we have the best Washington and California printers in the business. Cut cash costs and use a BizX member to provide their expert services this holiday season. 

why not you9. Donate & Spread the Love

The holiday season is the time to feel grateful for our successes and give to those whom are less fortunate. To this end, you can find many ways to give in the BizX network. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland, Habitat for Humanity, The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research and Miracle Babies, to name a few. A donation of BizX dollars enables a non-profit to off-set operational expenses. BizX charities are then able to utilize BizX dollars in a variety of ways, creating real change and exponentially helping their bottom line. We encourage everyone to consider donating, if you can!

How To Account For BizX Donations 
For accounting purposes, BizX donations are treated just like cash—tax deductible in the year they are given. THIS is a win-win!

10. Get Fit! 

Summer bodies are built in the winter! Get an early jump on that New Year's resolution and make a commitment to fitness. Join a fitness community with Advanced Wellness, get tough at CrossFit, get personal at Ideal Exercise, or join one of the many different gyms or yoga studios throughout the community! We have members to help you look your best this year in Washington and California so whatever your flavor, you can find it on BizX!  

However you use your BizX this season or any other, remember this—we are hear for you! If you don't see what you're looking for or need a hand, let us know by emailing!


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