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Perks by BizX

“Happy employees make better product which makes the customers happy. BizX really helps us make the employees happy.”


Your Employees Matter

With Perks by BizX, you can show your appreciation without spending your precious cash. BizX helps bring you new customers and revenue that can be used to reward your employees for all they do. Not only do we provide a simple and fun way to incentivize employees, we help you afford it, too. It’s the only complete employee rewards program around!


Using Perks by BizX is the same as purchasing anything on BizX, according to your existing BizX fee plan. Your employees will never pay a fee unless they elect to have items shipped to them or if they spend more than the amount in their account.
With Perks Online Reward we do not collect tax information, therefore we do not send a 1099B. For Perks rePLAY Card, you may elect whether or not you want to have BizX report all transfers to the IRS. If you elect to have BizX report the income, you are not responsible for reporting it in your payroll. If you choose to use Perks Online Reward or to not have BizX report the Perks rePlay Card transaction, you are responsible for reporting any taxable gifts or income to the IRS. Consult your accountant if you have further questions.
If you are already a member of the BizX network, you can sign your employees up for a rePLAY Card by creating a Perks account under the “My Account” tab on the Member Website.
We hold a credit card on file in case the Perks rePLAY account holder spends more than what is in their current balance, or if they choose the cash shipping option for gift certificates or other products.


How it Works

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Create Incentive Campaigns

Decide how you want to award your employees.

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Award Perks to Staff

Easily manage employee enrollments and awards through BizX's website.

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Employee Redemption

Your employees will choose from various goods and experiences.

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