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The new face of BizX

June 24, 2014 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

As the world evolves customers needs change and grow, creating new opportunities for companies that embrace change. Like all successful companies, BizX has undergone many changes - launching of the online marketplace was the biggest and most noteworthy so far. Then, just a few months ago, BizX opened that same marketplace up to the public, creating an online ecommerce experience for all. To round out these pivotal steps, we reinvented the BizX persona by overhauling the logo, creating a recognizable currency symbol and revamping the website.

First and foremost came the rebranding of our name and logo. “BizXchange”, has served us well - it helped drive our purpose and was perfect for getting us where we are today, but over the years it had become outdated and cumbersome. So we got rid of the “change”, shortened it to “BizX”, and finished things off with a new color scheme. We dropped the red, changed the blue and picked up some grey for a more modern and professional look to match our calm, focused, “can’t be stopped” attitude.

To complement our new slick name, we needed a currency symbol that would accompany it. It had to be recognizable and flashy, but compact and sleek. The new symbol it turns out, was hiding in our name all along. The already recognizable “X” in our brand name became even more recognizable as it transformed from letter-in-the-crowd to standout BizX currency symbol.

To complete our transformation the last thing we had to address was our website. We started from the ground up and built something entirely new. This time around, the website is downright HOT! We’ve created a streamlined, contemporary look, all while maintaining ease of use and navigation.

With a new name, currency symbol, and updated website done and in the bank, we can now focus all of our attention on the big changes that are just over the horizon. All of this innovation is pushing our evolution into a method of payment and as we grow and expand off of our barter roots, we challenge the likes of private currencies everywhere.

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