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Oakland Raiders Reach Out to the Community

October 24, 2013 | Written by Austin Yuen

Oakland RaidersThere they were on a sunny Sunday afternoon, 800 school kids from the Oakland Unified school district, enjoying a catered box lunch while watching the Oakland Raiders get their first win of the year against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For many of the kids, it was their first Raider game, and their first exposure to the Raiders’ “Commitment to Excellence.”

So, you might be wondering, how exactly was BizX involved? First, a little history.

You see, the Oakland Raiders have been a member of BizX since 2007, helping the team get value from selling their excess inventory. Through their membership with BizX and its partners, the Raiders have offered everything from season tickets to luxury suites. During some games, BizX members can even sit with past legends, enjoying drinks and food while sharing a memorable moment with friends or business associates – all without spending cash.

Additionally with their BizX dollars, the Raiders have been able to use BizX Members to supply an array of business expenses that affect their bottom line: from printing, to advertising, to transportation.

So, knowing that BizX has helped create real value on their bottom line, top executives from the Raiders sat down with Dino Mora, Trade Manager of the BizX bay area office, to review upcoming initiatives that the Raiders were currently spending cash on.

Over the course of the meeting at Raiders Headquarters, executives from Oakland’s storied franchise had discussed their commitment to their city, and how they had recently given a percentage of ticket proceeds to the School District, to support local education. It was an important aspect of the way the Raiders were leaders in the community, and one that BizX was proud to help.

During this spirited dialogue at Raiders headquarters, a light went off. The Raiders mentioned that in less than a month, at their first home game, they would be doing even more to help the school district. In fact, for the entire 2013 season, at every home game, the Raiders would provide lunch for 800 specially selected students.

First and GoalThough the first home game was less than a month away, BizX came up with the idea of providing boxed lunches for the kids. The Raiders loved the idea, and the rest, as they say, was history.

BizX was able to help identify caterers that could not only be competitive with pricing, but could also deliver and hand out the lunches. Emeryville-based Carrie Dove Catering, a member of BizX since 2010, was able to win the business, and with their meticulous attention to detail, helped organize this special lunch; which included sandwiches, fruit, chips and water.

The boxed lunches went off without a hitch, with the Raiders strengthening their commitment to the community. BizX was happy, as they were able to help another member offset budgeted cash expenses. And Carrie Dove Catering was feeling good, as they were able to add the Oakland Raiders to their growing roster of satisfied clients.

And the students? They were hungry for more.

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