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How BizX Increases Your Marketshare and Gives You a Competitive Edge

July 19, 2022 | Written by BizX

For many businesses, being successful often comes down to finding that one way to get a leg up over the competition. Some will spend months or even years analyzing and strategizing how to achieve that.

But could it be as simple as just being a BizX member?

While it may not seem like a game-changer at first glance, countless businesses have found our community to be the missing piece that takes them to the next level.

We’ve been able to reach people we would never have known otherwise,” said Jon Staenberg, owner of Washington-based BizX member Hand of God Wines. “It is almost like having another salesperson on my team that I don’t have to pay for — and a good one at that. We have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of our wine product through BizX.”

This “other salesperson” is simply the BizX marketplace, which makes member businesses easily discoverable to all the 7,000+ organizations in the network, which includes businesses in industries such as events, health and wellness, construction, travel, restaurants, professional services, and much more.

“We view BizX as one of our most important channels for selling and distributing our products,” Staenberg said. “There’s no question about it: it has helped us grow and let us do more for less.”


Being a part of the BizX marketplace places members directly in front of potential new customers, in addition to all the other ways the business was already reaching customers. This highlights some of the underreported opportunities that can be found in today’s sharing economy.

While simply being placed in front of a potential customer’s eyes doesn’t necessarily equate to new business—think about all the online ads you mindlessly scroll past—BizX works because members will always prefer to buy from other members to save cash.

Additionally, being a part of BizX means that other members already have a level of inherent trust and respect in your business, given the vetting that goes into the membership process; so, if a restaurant member of BizX is looking for a contractor to renovate and refresh its dining area, why would they spend cash on a company not in the network as opposed to using BizX dollars with a trusted member?

The benefits of BizX are many, but the competitive edge is undeniable.

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