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4 Benefits of a Business Barter Network

August 14, 2013 | Written by Austin Yuen barter networks make it easy for your business to sell products, meet new clients, and operate more smoothly. If you’re looking for ways to expand your sales figures and grow your business, a barter network could be an excellent choice.

Read on to learn the four key benefits of joining a business barter network, and why membership in your city’s top barter network could be immensely valuable for your business.


Sell your excess inventory

Nothing is worse than having excess inventory on hand that you just can’t seem to sell. From storage expenses to sunk costs, excess inventory is an annoyance for any type of business.

Thankfully, excess inventory can easily be sold off at a reasonable price by using a barter network. Meet business owners and customers that are interested in what you’ve got for sale and willing to offer their own products in return.


Avoid taking costly losses

When inventory starts piling up and sales start slowing down, many businesses try selling their products at a discount. While sales can work, they often leave you with mediocre margins and, in some cases, even large losses.

Joining a business barter network allows you to access a vast audience that’s willing to purchase your products at a reasonable price. This means you’ll avoid selling any products at a price that compromises your profit margin.


Find new customer groups

Want to expand your business? A business barter network puts you in touch with a diverse range of prospects from different industries and backgrounds. This makes it easy to identify new opportunities and groups that are valuable to your business.


Access great opportunities

There’s a saying in business, that ‘who you know’ is worth a lot more than ‘what you know.’ While knowledge and experience are undoubtedly valuable, success is often a virtue of your connections before your abilities.

Joining a business barter network gives you access to an incredible range of experts that can help your business grow. From direct sales to new connections, the benefits of a business barter network are numerous and valuable.


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