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5 Inexpensive Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Hackers

March 30, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

Hackers are targeting small businesses more than ever. The big companies have much more to steal, but they also have full security teams and close relationships with law enforcement. That's why your small business is a desirable target. Here are 5 inexpensive tips you can use to protect yourself.

1. Talk To Your Employees

You now know that you're a target - Make sure your staff knows too. When they understand this they'll think twice about writing passwords on post-it notes or leaving their computer unattended.

2. Thing Twice Before Giving Access

You may feel like your employees are incredibly honest and trusting, but will they still be if they don't work there anymore? 

3. Backup Often

Backing up your data is easier than ever and cloud storage continues to come down in price. Do this in case your main system gets hacked or gets a virus. Also make sure to encrypt your backups.

4. Don't Share Logins

Whenever possible, everyone on your staff should have their own logins for everything. It seems simpler to share but then people are less likely to protect their passwords (remember the post-it notes?). 

5. Use Security Software

People often say, "It probably won't happen to me." But it can. Get some good security software for anything that can connect to your network. You can always offer a secondary network for guests and personal devices.



Remember, everyone is at risk. Don't assume you're not. Here are some more tips from Inc. Magazine.

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