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Nature’s Inventory Launches New Product Line and Doubles Sales with BizX

March 29, 2013 | Written by Austin Yuen

Founded in 2002, Nature’s Inventory is a thriving woman-owned international manufacturer and distributor of natural and certified organic wellness and beauty products that are sold by hundreds of domestic and international retailers and wholesalers. The concept was hatched when Founder LouAnn Brandjes was crippled with extreme pain that was later diagnosed as incurable lupus. Determined to find a cure, she initiated a focused search for natural remedies. LouAnn cured her disease by making healthy lifestyle changes and using natural wellness oils.

Fast forward to 2013 and Nature’s Inventory’s products include an expanded line of natural wellness oils for women, men, seniors, children, babies and even animals. It also has a line of herbal teas, natural skin care and cleaning products.

LouAnn Brandjes became a BizX member a few years ago when her business contracted during the recession. With the tight economy, she didn’t have the resources available to develop, market, and distribute her natural skin products line. She had received positive accolades from customers and had grown the initial line organically through word-of-mouth marketing but she knew she needed more resources to get some serious market traction.

Through the BizX community, LouAnn was introduced to member InSpa, a popular chain of Seattle and California spa and wellness centers, and offered an opportunity to purchase $10,000 worth of discounted, unused bottles and jars. InSpa had intended to create its own line of products but had abandoned the project. Because LouAnn was short on funds, she worked with a BizX Account Manager to increase her line of BizX credit so she could take advantage of InSpa’s overstock opportunity.

“If BizX had not contacted me regarding InSpa’s overstock bottles and jars, there is no way I’d know about it. Also, due to my financial situation, there’s no way I could have afforded it without the increased line of credit through BizX,” states LouAnn, Founder of Nature’s Inventory. “And the best part is I saved close to $30,000 in cash thanks to BizX!”

Because of their membership with the BizX Community, Nature’s Inventory was able to launch a new profitable product line for their business. InSpa was able to move an unused inventory of bottles and convert it into BizX currency that they can use for their business.

Aside from her transaction with InSpa, LouAnn has found all sorts of ways to benefit from using BizX dollars to grow her business and for personal enjoyment. In fact, LouAnn has purchased more than $65,000 worth of goods and services using BizX dollars including graphic design services from Blue Beagle, flooring from Epic Floors, housekeeping from Adrianne’s Housekeeping, wood chipping equipment from Save Green Rentals, moving services from National Moving and Storage, photography services from Sugar Photo Studios, office phone system from Business Telephone Systems and even family dentistry services from Dr. Scott Decker.

To date, LouAnn has received over $85,000 in product sales from the BixX community, contributing to her 2X growth in year-over-year sales.

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