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4 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas Your Business Should Know

May 25, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

If you had a bottomless budget marketing would be much easier. But you probably don't, so these 4 low cost marketing strategies might be just what you need. They all create organic traffic and exposure for your business.

1. Network

People often groan when you bring up networking, but it continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that everyone has access to. LinkedIn makes it easy.

You should add everyone you shake hands with or speak with, including customers, similar business, and more to your profile. In building a personal brand through LinkedIn, you can promote your business brand. 

There's lots more you can do beyond LinkedIn. Networking is a mindset and an approach that prioritizes people rather than positions and businesses. In putting people first, you can determine who matters most that you need to get to know and what you can do for them. Then you can market your business to a broader audience in a less obvious, more effective manner. 

2. Build a partnership.

Scratch their back and they'll scratch yours. Partner with people who can refer you and you can return the favor. Perhaps you even offer a commission to the partner or a discount to any customers they send in.

3. Ask for reviews.

The only things people pay attention to more than what it says about your company on Google are the reviews that previous customers have left you. What your customers have to say about you is the clearest indication of the kind of experiences future customers will have with you. By asking customers who have had positive experiences to write a quick review on Facebook or Yelp, you can accumulate endorsements and vouchers. Plus, if someone is willing to take the time to write a review, it’s likely that they’ll recommend your business to their friends and family for future needs. All of this comes at little to no cost and lets your customers to do the marketing for you.

4. Blog.

Content marketing can be incredibly beneficial because it introduces your company to people before they need it. Nobody likes being sold to. Blogging allows you to provide value to your customers first. Then they'll want to buy from you when they're ready. And the only thing it costs you is time!

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