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Priceless Granite

"Using BizX helped us to monetize our excess capacity."

Founded in 2001, Priceless Granite & Quartz is one of the premier granite and quartz kitchen counter top installation and fabricators in the Pacific Northwest.

Over our 15 year history serving the Pacific Northwest Priceless Granite has become known for our high quality granite & quartz kitchen and bathroom counter tops.  From personal homes to commercial projects Priceless Granite & Quartz has installed over 6750 projects as of 2016.

TRANSCRIPT: My name is Chris Green I am the owner of priceless granite. We do granite counter tops and even quartz counter tops now. Using BizX helped us greatly monetize our excess capacity by just allowing us to fill in the schedule wherever we’re lacking customers. Word of mouth has grown. We’ve done over 2.5 million in transactions over the past 10 years. Using BizX is extremely easy, we’ve done many things as far as advertising, as far as printing, as far as different vacations that we’ve taken. I have a great relationship with our account manager. If anybody’s considering becoming a member of BizX, I think it’d be a great way for you to grow your business. I know that you will not be disappointed.

Priceless Granite

PRICESS GRANITE gained new customers through BizX which helped them monetize their excess capacity.