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Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics

“We would like to grow… And with BizX we have gotten a new stream of patients.”

Doctors Leone and Vaughn initially heard about BizX from an optician who was explaining how well being a member had worked for his business. They joined BizX in 2004 and have enjoyed working within the BizX community ever since.

One of the benefits that they immediately recognized was the increase in overall business. “We would like to grow,” said Vaughn. “And with BizX we have gotten a new stream of patients.” When you are in a business that is almost always looking for new customers, such as healthcare, BizX is a perfect fit.

One aspect of BizX that Leone and Vaughn did not expect was how friendly their fellow members are to work with.

“BizX members just seem more appreciative,” Vaughn said.

He went on to explain that this has provided them the ability to get “pulled in deeper” and become more involved within the exchange.

In spending BizX, Leone and Vaughn have taken a rather generous approach and made many purchases that have benefited their employees. Although some purchases have been made for home improvements, a large portion goes to employee parties, dinners, gifts and giveaways.

“When you purchase with BizX you can be more creative,” said Vaughn about purchasing holiday gifts for employees.

Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics encourages members interested in improving their smile or those considering adding orthodontics to their company benefits as a way to retain quality employees, to give them a call.


LEONE & VAUGHN ORTHODONTICS turned new BizX customers into a revenue source for appreciating their employees in new and creative ways.