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Industry Sign & Graphics

“Happy employees are definitely making better product, which makes the customers real happy. And BizX really helps us make the employees happy.”

One-stop sign shop with the personnel and equipment to fulfill almost every sign-related need, including large format, banners, magnetics, window graphics, vehicle lettering and wraps, sandblast, trade shows and dimensional lettering.

TRANSCRIPT: Well we were Auburn Sign Company for, I don’t know, 20 years and as we started getting referrals outside of our area, we changed it to Industry Sign and Graphics about three or four years ago so this has expanded our role not only in the puget sound area but nationwide and worldwide. We’ve sent graphics to the Middle East and pretty much just about anywhere. well we started to get out of, not necessarily out of the sign industry, but more into the graphic industry, so we try to get into stuff that people don’t do. Now we’re doing 3D lenticular, flip motion animation, stuff like that. We’re doing a project right now for Microsoft and it’s for their Kinect launch. It’s something that no one else is doing, especially in that state of Washington.

BizX has been good for us. We started about four years ago. Not only have we reached out to new clients but then their referrals reach out to cash clients.

For instance, a certain company may have a designer who designs their graphics and so we get sent from this designer we’re getting sent all the graphics for a BizX customer that they do work for. Well then that designer sees our work and likes it and will refer us to her other clients that she has – those are cash customers, so not only do we keep our BizX flowing, but also we gain on cash customers.

One of the things that we use BizX for quite a bit are employee functions – so Christmas parties, rafting, we take the guys out a lot. The bonding that we do here with that stuff is a lot of fun, it’s talked about for weeks. If we weren’t part of the BizX program, there’d be a ton of things we wouldn’t do. Happy employees are definitely making better product, which makes the customers real happy. And BizX really helps us make the employees happy.

In fact we have a program that we’re implementing called BizX Dollars and basically if our employees come up with something really cool, in lieu of a cash bonus – I mean you can give them a smaller cash bonus or you can say, “Hey look, how about going to spend a couple hundred bucks in BizX and you can pick whatever you want?” – that’s worked really well.

Our customers are excited to use BizX with us. They can do nicer signs. We can up-sell quite a bit of things. With BizX Dollars I think they are inclined to maybe go, “You know, I’ll spend a little money on art, make it a little bigger, use a nicer material,” kind of like we are with using BizX. You know, we’re going to go to a nicer restaurant, things like that. We’ve had great results from all the customers that we’ve done signage for. I can’t believe how many we’ve done. We drive around and in four years, we say “That was a BizX job, that was a BizX job” and you look at it a different way:

“Hey, that was a rafting trip!” I mean, it’s a lot of fun because we do have a lot of fun with it. BizX has improved our quality of life at the shop.

Industry Sign & Graphics

With BizX INDUSTRY SIGN & GRAPHICS can afford bigger and better company parties and employee bonuses.