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"[BizX has] been a great avenue to save money on purchases. It’s a way for us to reduce our expenditure. We try to use it as much as we can."

Brenthaven exists to design and build innovative, high-quality cases that provide peace of mind for your digital lifestyle. They carry a wide variety of computer backpacks, briefcases and accessory cases suitable and safe for travel. BizX recently sat down with Scott Armstrong, CEO of Brenthaven, to chat all things BizX.

BizX: Tell me about yourself.
Scott: I joined in 2005. I invested in the company. I ran sales and marketing, and then I became CEO. I have worked in consumer products all through my career. We have about 20 employees in the US.

B: What was it like before Brenthaven implemented BizX?
S: Another business friend told me about BizX, and that she was doing all her business purchases through you guys. We decided to give it a shot. I wouldn’t say anything was that bad before, but we were always looking to cut cost.

B: What factors made you consider BizX in the first place?
S: Cost reduction was the main thing – we were looking at ways to improve our bottom line. We decided to evaluate BizX to see if using BizX can help our bottom line.

B: What other solutions did you consider?
S: None really. We went with what was recommended.

B: Let’s talk about results. What did you find as a result of BizX membership?
S: In the first year, we just sold by starting to accept BizX dollars.

The BizX balance sheet came up to $30K. Then we started thinking about ways to spend the money. The BizX team was helpful in identifying where our costs were, and what we could start trying to reduce. We were spending $50K in embroidering – those are the types of services we started trying to spend with BizX dollars.

Top 3 things we spend the money on: embroidery, training, and company events

B: What do you like most about BizX?
S: I like saving money. I like keeping my operating expenses as low as possible.

B: If you were to recommend BizX to someone, what words would you use to describe it?
S: It’s been a great avenue to save money on purchases. It’s a way for us to reduce our expenditure. We try to use it as much as we can.


Since joining BizX, BRENTHAVEN has sold close to half a million in merchandise, offsetting operating expenses and improving their bottom line.