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Beacon Plumbing

Since joining, Bill Cahill has been able to save millions of dollars in budgeted cash expenses by using BizX!

"Stop freakin', call Beacon," is the catchy phrase we all think of when a plumbing issue arises. Whether you noticed it on a bus board, heard it on the radio, or saw one of their trucks drive by, that unforgettable motto has more than likely emblazoned itself in your memory forever.


Beacon Plumbing opened its doors as an emergency services plumber back in 1999. Since then, they have helped countless customers, both commercial and residential alike. Being an emergency plumbing service, Beacon has become a fan favorite among the restaurant crowd. With their second-to-none service and response time they have become a must call for any business dealing with urgent plumbing issues.

Beacon joined the BizX network back in 2003. For Bill Cahill, the owner and CEO of Beacon Plumbing, the choice to join BizX was simple.

“If your cost is, say, 22% why wouldn’t you take 78% of that revenue, bank it, and build the cash reserves off the additional sales you can get from either direct marketing, bus boards or a number of different ways that you can utilize your BizX Dollars.”

In Beacon’s case, one of their primary motivators was the different advertising campaigns within BizX, whether it be radio, print, billboards, bus boards or TV. Bill knew exactly what he was doing with BizX, he saw that “using BizX made it possible to advertise in areas that we wouldn’t have had the cash to do otherwise.” Advertising on BizX then brought on new cash customers for Beacon, helping them grow exponentially.

Not only could he use BizX to advertise and get new customers, but he was also able to take out a line of credit with BizX to fund these campaigns.

“The banks give us an umbrella on a sunny day. BizX opens up a line of credit. When the banks aren’t doing it, BizX is. And we continue to strive and do a ton of business with BizX. It’s worked out real well for us.”

But don’t think the BizX buck stops with advertising! Over the years Beacon has been able to get all sorts things they need and use, from gift certificates to office furniture, from flowers to sports tickets. Whether it be for customer appreciation, employee benefits, business expenses or just plain splurging, they have been able to leverage their extra capacity and save cash.

“Some of the vacation packages that BizX has put together and other motivational things that we have done for our employees have been over the top because we couldn’t have done those in the early days without BizX,” remarks Bill.

Beacon Plumbing has done a tremendous job within the network, using BizX to improve their cash flow, attract new customers, and monetize excess capacity helping them to grow into the premier plumbing service that they are today. 

Beacon Plumbing

BEACON PLUMBING saved millions of dollars in budgeted cash expenses with a revolving line of credit from BizX.