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AA Auto

"BizX has helped me build my business with customers that are not in my area and don't know who I am."

AA Auto Service Center has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive and customer service industry. They are a full automotive service repair facility providing routine maintenance items, engine rebuilds, transmission overhauls, clutch repairs, electrical diagnostics, and many other services.

TRANSCRIPT: My name is Aaron Muller I’m with a company called AA Auto Service Center we do mechanical repairs on people’s cars. What BizX has mostly helped me do is build my business with customers that may not be in the area or know anything about who I am. It’s business that you just would not have had so that money is kind of free money to do things that will allow you to actually take more BizX money in, because if you have more business expenses then you can take more BizX and keep growing your company and it’s not any cash out of your pocket. We love saving cash… if a business owner can save cash, we’re happy and you know we want to do more business with everybody. BizX keeps increasing their customer service and offerings. They’re a really good company and I’m very happy with them.


AA AUTO used BizX to help build their business with customers that are not in their area and would not have known of them otherwise.