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Special Offer
for Mill Creek Chamber Members:

As a member of the Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce, you have a special opportunity to access new customers and better cash flow through BizX's bartering network!
  • Save $400 when you join!
  • Join for only $99 (Professional Level)
  • The Mill Creek Chamber receives a revenue share when you join

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We've created a special
to benefit your business in Mill Creek!

Access to new customers and better cashflow.




A special partnership through the Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce and BizX, a business to

business digital barter exchange, allows your company a unique opportunity to grow. 

With BizX, you sell your goods or services for BizX dollars, then spend those dollars on

the things your business needs most.

In the BizX marketplace, your business is listed squarely in front of potential new customers.

BizX will even guarantee you new sales!


Find Out if BizX Works for Your Business

For a limited time: Use the promo code MCCOC to join at our professional level for only $99, saving you $400! The Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce receives a revenue share when you join BizX. Together, we are supporting the interests of small business in your community!

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$2 Billion Sales

Members have earned over $2 billion in sales since 2002!

BizX is the ultimate toolbox that fosters growth for savvy small businesses who want to reach new customers, improve their cash flow, and make valuable new connections. BizX uses an intuitive digital barter system to grow the 7,000+ business and nonprofits in our community.

How BizX Works

Identify a Business Expense

Think about what you have as a need, both personally and professionally, and explore the marketplace as solution to fulfill your needs now.

Connect through BizX

BizX members understand the power of the collective, the volume of the crowd, and the opportunities in the sharing economy.

Keep your Cash and Pay with BizX

Paying with BizX allows you to keep cash in your business.

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Why BizX works!

BizX members benefit from new customers and better cashflow!

New Customers

Being part of the BizX marketplace puts your business squarely in front of potential new customers. We guarantee new sales!

Cash Flow

Each year, BizX helps members save more than $20 million in cash flow through the power of barter.

More Spending Power

BizX makes it easy to build lasting business relationships as peers, suppliers, customers, and more.

Credit & Capital

Grow your business now and increase your spending power without increasing your cash debt.

Member Testimonial

"I use the BizX card to get my car washed, and I spent 4,500 BizX dollars last week for security cameras and an alarm system. From a trademark attorney to a dentist, a message therapist to a chiropractor, I have never had trouble spending my BizX balance."

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Mill Creek Chamber members save $400
when joining BizX!

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The Chamber also receives a revenue share from your membership.

You're In Good Company

BizX encompasses small and medium-sized businesses from all industries.
Companies that you will be able to trade with include: