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How It Works For You

Members want to barter for the goods and services they need rather than spending cash.

A new restaurant joins the network.

BizX markets this new member, and generates $10,000 worth of new customers, who pay in BizX dollars to barter for the goods and services they need.

The restaurant needs to print new menus.

The restaurant uses this new BizX's barter currency to pay for menu printing - a $10,000 expense. They contact a printer in the network, and pay using the BizX barter service.

The print shop fills schedule gaps with this new job.

The print shop wins a new customer & job through the BizX network, and is able to utilize its down time to complete it. The restaurant pays the print shop $10,000 BizX for the service.

The print shop spends BizX on the goods and services they need.

The print shop uses BizX to offset $10,000 of cash expenditures, including $5,000 in advertising, $1,000 for office furniture, and $4,000 in accounting & legal services.

Selling With BizX

We get your company exposure.

Over 25,000 people will see your Business Profile. We market you to this network of business owners through our closed member website, email, social media, and our team of Account Managers.

We send you new customers.

Business owners would rather spend BizX dollars and keep cash, so members of the community want to do business with other members first. This is a motivated network that will find you, and buy from you instead of your competitor.

You earn BizX.

These new customers pay you in BizX dollars. These credits are valued at the US dollar, and can be redeemed with any other member in the network.

How did these businesses benefit?

New Customers

Each business was able to attract new customers through the BizX community. Members want to do business with other members first as they would prefer to spend their BizX & keep their cash.

Better cash flow

These businesses earned BizX dollars by selling their extra capacity. When they spend these dollars, they do so in the place of cash - eliminating an existing cash expense, or expanding budgets. When a business spends BizX, they keep their cash.

Pay With BizX

You identify an expense.

We help you identify an expense or expenses addressable within BizX. 

We provide you with vendors.

You will be provided & introduced to vendors that can satisfy your request. You evaluate each prospective vendor following your usual procurement process.

You select a vendor.

You select the winning vendor from those introduced or provided. You agree on terms and contract with this vendor as per usual.

You pay with BizX dollars.

You utilize your newly earned BizX dollars to pay the selected vendor for goods & services rendered.

How does your business benefit?

You get new customers.

You attract new, loyal customers through the BizX community. Members, other business owners, are motivated to buy from you because they can pay with BizX & keep their cash.

You save cash.

When you spend your BizX dollars, you do so in the place of cash - eliminating a cash expense. When you spend your BizX, you keep your cash.