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BizX Member Guidelines & FAQ

BizX is as great as our members make it.

With all the different options one has these days to transact, discover savings, and interact in a digital setting, we here at BizX feel extremely fortunate that you chose our platform to fulfill many of your business goals.

At our core, we are a community. Like all communities, our fabric – our quality – is directly connected to how our members treat one another. This is culture. The thousands of small choices we face every day, where we can either choose to act in our own short-term interest or act with respect to a larger purpose. BizX is not a zero-sum game. To the contrary, in fact, BizX works when all members embrace the purpose, act in deference to one another, and above all, treat each other fairly. A true “High Tides Raise All Boats” network.

One of our roles is to ensure the rules of the road are followed, so that every member gets the experience intended – turning wasted capacity into value, and leveraging this to improve cash flow, business, and ultimately, lives. Our goal is to promote transparency in our members’ offerings and create an excellent buying experience. We believe that when trust, common courtesy, and savvy business members come together, the benefits and opportunities are endless.

This accord lays out these guidelines, and accountability to them, which is part and parcel to BizX membership, including:

Buyer Responsibilities

  • Members must identify themselves as a BizX member prior to initiating a purchase from another member.

  • Buyers must use the BizX contact or their Account Manager when applicable.

  • It is the member’s responsibility to review their monthly statement and make sure all transactions are correct within 30 days of the statement date.

  • Members must immediately inform BizX of situations where other members are not following BizX policies/procedures or adhering to the BizX Member Guidelines.


Seller Responsibilities

  • Sellers must process transactions immediately and on their own (when possible) using an approved method. They should use the same methodology they use in their normal course of business (such as a credit card transaction) upon delivering the product or service. Transactions processed outside of 30 days cannot be guaranteed.

  • Marketplace orders should be fulfilled within 3 business days.

  • Marketplace sellers are responsible for their own return/cancellation policy.

  • Sellers must immediately inform BizX of situations where other members are not following BizX policies and procedures or adhering to the BizX Member Guidelines.


  • Members must respond in a timely fashion according to their normal cash business practice. At the bare minimum, an acknowledgment of receipt is appreciated within 72 hours.

  • Members must have a reliable point of contact for BizX sales.

  • If a transaction does not make financial sense, it is the seller’s responsibility to let the buyer know what they can/can’t help with due to:

    • No capacity

    • The transaction is cost-prohibitive


Accepting BizX

In order to grow and maintain a robust community, we encourage all of our members to remain active with their BizX membership and be open to sales whenever possible. However, there are times when accepting BizX dollars is not possible, due to capacity, cash flow issues, seasonality, business closure, and so forth. 

Here are some guidelines to reference if one has questions:

  1. All members must keep the status of their account updated at, where members can change whether or not your business profile is displayed, how your business accepts BizX, and how your business prefers to be contacted.

  2. If you are unable or do not wish to accept BizX, please update your business profile immediately at

  3. If a member requests to purchase using BizX, simply inform them you are unable to accept BizX at this time and offer a brief explanation.

*** Please note: attempting to convert BizX business to a cash business is prohibited. BizX will not tolerate unfair business practices.  Members refusing sales via BizX will be asked to correct the situation immediately. If a member continues to decline BizX sales, BizX management will review their account status for potential suspension or termination.***


BizX/Cash Blends

BizX is most equitable for all participants when sales are made at 100% BizX.  As part of the membership agreement with BizX, we ask that all members provide their products and services at 100% BizX whenever possible. 

However, circumstances may dictate that a particular transaction, contract, or member’s offerings be structured with a BizX/cash blend.

Regardless of any circumstances, ALL taxes are to be paid in BizX dollars for ALL member to member transactions.

Furthermore, ALL BizX/cash blends must be approved by BizX prior to offering.

Here are the guidelines to reference if questions arise:

  • All transactions or contracts must be 100% BizX unless the selling member has been pre-approved by BizX for certain types of BizX/cash blends.

  • Members in certain industries may be allowed to sell at a BizX/cash blend for larger transactions after completing the approval process with BizX*. Some industries are more likely than others to have transactions that meet the above-listed criteria for BizX/cash blended transactions, such as:

  • Real Estate

  • Vehicles

  • Construction

  • Promo Apparel/Products (Swag)

  • Signage

*One can determine if a member is approved to sell using BizX/cash blends by going to -> Searching for the member profile -> and viewing their “Selling Notes” in the right margin below the sales contact.

For certain transactions or contracts, BizX/cash blends may be allowed to a reasonable degree* if one or more of the following criteria is met:
  1. The seller has limited availability or capacity

  2. The seller’s overall gross profit is less than 30%

  3. The seller must outsource the products or services

  4. The size of the transaction is large enough to hinder the seller’s cash flow

  5. The seller is not a BizX member but rather a member of an affiliate trade exchange.  In those cases, there may be taxes payable in cash; particularly for travel bookings.

*A “reasonable degree” is up to the seller; nonetheless, BizX regularly reviews transactions to ensure that members are following the guidelines.  Any abuse of the community will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will have their membership terminated.

All taxes are to be paid in BizX dollars for ALL member to member transactions.

If it does not make financial sense for a seller to make a sale via BizX, they need to immediately inform the buyer with a brief explanation of why (capacity issues, small margins, cash flow issues, outsourcing, shipping costs, etc.).



Members must act in good faith in dealing with each other so that all may reap the benefits of trading via BizX. Each member must treat other members with the same courtesy and priority extended to any other customer of their business.

  • Products and services are to be sold at fair market value or everyday selling prices.  1 BizX dollar = 1 USD.

  • Sellers are not expected to honor the same pricing that occurs with special cash discounts or sales but may do so to remain competitive

  • We require that our members inform us of situations where other members are not following BizX guidelines.

***Please note: BizX will not tolerate any type of overcharging.  Overcharging is a violation of the trading procedures, policies, rules, and regulations of BizX.  We will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that all members are treated fairly.  Violation of this policy may result in an adjustment to the transaction(s) involved, and members found to be overpricing or overcharging for products and services may have their account suspended or membership terminated.***


Quality of Work

Members who do not maintain at least a 3-star rating (as reviewed by the BizX members who have purchased from them) will be evaluated to determine if they will remain in the BizX community.



Transactions more than 6 months old are not eligible for disputes.

  • Step 1: You must contact the seller or buyer first to resolve any issues that may arise.

  • Step 2: If you are unable to resolve the issue with the buyer/seller within 30 days, contact

  • Step 3: BizX will work with both members to find a resolution to the dispute, which will be resolved within 30 days.


Account Standing

  • The expectation for a productive and healthy membership is for your account to be in good standing. This includes staying current on your fees, being responsive to members, maintaining 3+ star reviews, adhering to the BizXperience Member Guidelines, and all of the above.

  • Members who do not address negative reviews from other BizX members whom they have transacted with will be evaluated to determine if they will remain in the BizX community.


Repercussions for Violating the BizX Member Guidelines

Members who violate these guidelines will be subjected to a formal warning, account suspension, or possible termination of membership. BizX will make the final decision in all cases where the guidelines are not followed.

  • 1st Violation: Verbal and written warning

  • 2nd Violation: Account suspension (length of time determined by BizX)

  • 3rd Violation: Account termination

BizX / Cash Blends


What is the easiest way to complete a blended BizX/cash transaction?

Simply separate the two totals (BizX and cash) and run two separate transactions:

  1. The BizX transaction can be processed directly on the BizX platform at

  2. The cash transaction can be processed according to the normal practices of the business.


What are some examples of industries that may be approved for BizX/cash blends on some or most transactions?

  • Real Estate

  • Vehicles

  • Construction

  • Promo Apparel/Products (SWAG)

  • Printing

  • Signage


What types of transactions would a BizX buyer expect to pay for using a blend of BizX/cash?

  • Low margin products/services (ie. Printing, Signage, Construction)

  • Wholesale/high cost of goods (ie. Real Estate, Vehicles)

  • Outsourced products/services

  • Shipping

  • Gratuity

  • Travel fees


What do I do if a member charges me part cash?

  1. Calculate the percentage of BizX in the overall cost of the product or service.

  2. Check the BizX Member Pricing Guidelines to see if the type of product or service is reasonably eligible for a BizX/cash blend.  If so, proceed as you see fit.

  3. If the product or service does not appear to be eligible, check the member’s profile on to see if they have been approved for BizX/cash blends (noted by a percentage on their profile).  If so, proceed as you see fit.

  4. If the product or service does not appear to be eligible for a BizX/cash blend AND the member’s profile does not display a percentage of BizX other than 100% (signifying that they have been approved to sell at BizX/cash blends), then please notify us at so we can look into the matter further.


How do I know if a member has been approved to sell at a BizX/cash blend?

When a member is approved to sell at a blend of BizX/cash, it will be clearly visible on their account at



What do I do if I think I am being overcharged?

Before committing to a purchase, research market pricing standards.  Also, be sure that you are assessing charges accurately. For example, you might request a price quote for a print job through BizX and through a cash vendor.  The cash vendor may quote a price $200 lower than the BizX vendor.  But, the BizX vendor may be using 80# paper while the cash vendor is using 40# paper, and the BizX vendor may be quoting a price for 1000 units, while the cash vendor is quoting a price for 500 units.

If you still feel that you are being overcharged, contact your BizX Account Manager immediately or email


Accepting BizX


What do I do if a member tells me they are not accepting BizX?

Check first to see if the member is listed in the directory at  If they are, you can “flag the member” by clicking on the flag on the member’s profile.  This is completely anonymous, and it helps BizX maintain updated information for all of our members.




I’ve contacted a seller but have not heard back in over 72 hours.  What should I do?

Email us at so we can help get you in touch or provide another vendor.


Quality of Work


I’m very unsatisfied with the product or service I received from another member.  What should I do?

We find that it is best to resolve quality of work issues directly, member to member.  If you have already tried to resolve the issue with the seller and either have not received a response or you are not moving towards a resolution, please email us at so that we can help.




What should I do if I haven’t received my order?


What can I do if the item/service I received is not what was advertised or agreed on?

How do I report a member for not following the Guidelines or Terms and Conditions?

I submitted a dispute to the BizX Resolution Center - now what happens?

I tried to contact a seller and they haven’t responded - what should I do?


What should I do if I haven’t been paid for services rendered?


I received a low rating from a buyer.  Can I dispute that?