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The Cashless Economy - Year in Review [Infographic]

December 31, 2014 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

The past twelve months in our cashless economy have been a smashing success, largely in part due to our amazing members.  The logo, the message, the purpose are all important, but it’s the loyal customers, or in this case the members, that really make BizX stand above the rest.  Without such awesome support from our loyal members and fans we would not be where we are today.  BizX was able to rebrand and complete the transition to full-fledged private currency, and it’s all because of BizX members like you saving cash and spending BizX.

This past year we made major steps towards our vision of becoming the world’s strongest and most widely accepted private currency.  But our vision is next to nothing without our guiding purpose, not to simply save people money, but to improve people’s lives and businesses.  The rebranding was a huge success and our new logo has been met with phenomenal reviews, but to really see what BizX has accomplished you need to look at what we have helped our members achieve in 2014.












































































BizX Members Love BizX Restuarants

Eleven, yes ELEVEN restaurants used BizX to open their doors last year!  Whether it was an existing member or new member, BizX helped eleven restaurants find the plumbers, contractors and electricians they needed to get up and running.  And you guessed it, they used BizX to foot the bill!

Popular & Quirky Items Sold In 2014

The biggest, and by far the most unique thing sold this year was the Mercedes Benz 987 Unimog U1300L.  This thing is a monster of a vehicle, and will be perfect for the two different members that bought them this year!  It sure is nice that they could get these work vehicles using BizX instead of cash!

The most popular product of the year was FiveLo’s Navy Blue and Green Striped Arm Sox!  These Sox sold like hot cakes all through the fourth quarter.  People couldn’t get enough of these whether they bought some for their personal sports wardrobe or gave them out as gifts over the holidays.  It probably has something to do with the Seahawks and their journey back to the Super Bowl - Go Hawks!!!

Spreading BizX Cheer

¤382,361.79 was gifted to deserving employees using our Perks employee appreciation program.  There isn’t always the cash on hand to treat employees how they deserve to be treated.  Using the BizX Perks program members are able to reward hard work without spending cash that isnt always available.

30,673 gift certificates were purchased using Bizx.  Whether they were bought as gifts, used personally or as employee and customer rewards, an incredible amount of cash was saved buying these gift cards on BizX!

Over ¤149,000 was donated throughout 2014 to our 26 charities.  Not only do these non-profits have 150 grand more now to spend on things they need, but this also frees up 150 grand cash that they can now use to help people in other areas!!

Savings and Spending

BizX members spent ¤1,679,154 on the 1,033 vacations that we booked this year using BizX!  Using BizX, members were able to save cash and still treat themselves to the vacation or getaway of their dreams using BizX!

Last, but certainly not least, members spent ¤32,584,611 in 2014.  Instead of using their cash to buy dinner, launch that new advertising campaign or open that new location, our members spent 32 million in BizX and saved 32 million in cold hard cash!!  Imagine what we will have saved our members by this time next year!

Referrals for the New Year

In 2014 we brought in 394 new members, a major portion of which were referred to us by existing members and entrepreneurs like you.  If you know someone who could benefit from joining the BizX network, kill two birds with one stone, help them and help us by referring them to the BizX network!




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