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BizX Success: Super Charge Marketing

June 30, 2021 | Written by BizX

barter exchange

What’s one thing you were skeptical to try but now couldn’t imagine life without now? For some of us, its oysters, skydiving, a new hair color or switching careers. For Matt Cail, owner of Super Charge Marketing, it was joining a barter network.

Now in his eighth year as a BizX member, Cail appreciates the many benefits of barter and the likeminded community that comes with it.

Super Charge Marketing specializes in digital marketing with the mission of enhancing a business’ online presence through social media, website design and online advertising and lead generation. Cail has even had a Ted Talk on our relationship with technology. Years ago, a client asked Cail if there was a way to make a transaction through BizX – otherwise they wouldn’t have the necessary funds to accept Cail’s services. Wanting to support his client, Cail reached out to a BizX representative to learn more.

“I had no idea what a barter network was before consulting BizX, but I trusted my client” says Cail. “When I reached out, BizX was professional and great to talk to. They immediately communicated the benefits of joining the exchange; I was curious to learn more.”

Fast forward to the present, Cail continues to be an active member of BizX and uses the network to find new customers as well as preserve cashflow for Super Charge Marketing. Through the member marketplace, he contracts accounting services that keep his company thriving. Personally, he has used BizX dollars to travel, update his landscaping, and take his kids on a “staycation” to a local hotel, parlaying the subtle gift of giving his wife some “me-time” while supporting a local BizX hospitality member.

“What I enjoy most about BizX is that sometimes there are expenses that clients don’t think they can justify,” says Cail. "Barter allows for a more flexible approach.”

Cail says for his industry in particular, many business owners don’t understand the value of social media and digital marketing. “It seems like an unnecessary expense,” Cail explains. By accepting BizX, Cail can show weary fellow BizX Members how digital marketing helps their business grow without the risk of the expense. It’s the perfect ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling to bring in a new client and watch their success take off.

“I know that when I need a good or service down the line, I can feel good about using my BizX dollars, knowing that I’m supporting other small business owners who see the same benefit from the barter network that I do.”

As a BizX member, you have the opportunity to unlock your business’ social media potential. Click here to look through ways you can use your BizX dollars to expand your online presence.

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