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Rewarding Employees Proves To Help Your Business Grow

July 28, 2014 | Written by Austin Yuen

Employees are the life-blood of any organization.

While the big ideas and strategic direction usually comes from a select few individuals, it’s the employees who are generally tasked with executing on a plan. Whether it’s customer service staff at Zappos helping a grandma in Illinois find the perfect size shoe, or a carpenter in Redmond, WA, installing hardwood for a client – employees can often separate good companies from great companies. You know how Warren Buffet decides to invest in a company? He looks closely at the staff.

Business owners must find the delicate balance of taking care of their people, while also keeping a close eye on the bottom line. Sometimes it’s hard to increase payroll while also ensuring future increases in net revenue. We've compiled our top 10 low cost employee incentives.

   10. Give your employee a long lunch or extra break or maybe even a day off.

   9. Arrange for a car wash or home cleaning.

   8. Institute an employee of the Month recognition program.

   7. Allow flexible work hours.

   6. Take on one of their projects of their choice.

   5. Treat them to a fun activity. River rafting, Comedy Show, Sporting Event, etc.

   4. Stock the break room with their favorite snack.

   3. Allow them to have a work from home day.

   2. Honor them with an award.

   1. Give them a Perks by BizX reward.

Perks by BizX is an innovative way that we've been helping businesses reward their employees. Here's how it works.

Ideal for ongoing transfers or large credit incentives, the Perks replay Card is a personal card representing a separate BizX account. Owners or managers can decide how much BizX Dollars they’d like to transfer to an employee, as a reward for a good job, or as a thank-you for late nights helping get a presentation done.

“It’s been a great tool,” said Vicki Fidler, of Seattle-based Fidler on the Tooth. “I was looking for a way to reward my hard working employees. They’ve been terrific and we had a great year. BizX has so many options – and my employees love all of the restaurants that take the card. It was a great way for me to use the BizX I’ve built up, and I’m sure will result in a happy culture and added revenues.”

After the owner orders the card and decides the amount – which by the way can be easily done online - the employee would then receive the card in the mail with directions on how to use it. With this card, your employee can buy from any of the published members in the network both online and in person.

“I’d recommend it to any member who’s looking for a creative and easy way to surprise employees,” Fidler said.

Perks by BizX provides flexible spending and saves your company cash, all the while retaining the flash and pizzazz of a true reward (unlike cash).

The BizX Perks program, just another example of how BizX is making businesses and individuals more efficient and prosperous. Now that’s something even Warren Buffet might invest in.

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