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Holiday Shopping

Perks: A Cashless Way to Reward Your Employees this Holiday Season!

November 13, 2023 | Written by BizX

perks-bubble-1As holiday shoppers, many of us have experienced the familiar struggle of being pressed for time and unsure of what gifts to buy. In these moments, we often find ourselves rushing towards the "giant front rack in the sky" of gift cards. Will it be a fast food sports bar or perhaps an online app store? Ah, the perfect solution - an American Express/Visa/Mastercard gift card! It offers endless possibilities for the recipient to use it on anything they desire. But as we stand at the cashier, the total amount of cash spent starts to weigh on our minds. Surely, there must be a better way...

Well, there is with Perks by BizX. As a member of BizX, Perks accounts are a perfect member benefit for you to spread love and appreciation this Holiday Season. When you enroll your team (or even family members) in the Perks Program, they will receive a BizX account and card - just like that AMEX gift card at the supermarket - loaded up with BizX dollars! WHICH OF COURSE SAVES YOU CASH WHILE ENABLING YOUR EMPLOYEES OR FRIENDS TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

Perks-BenefitsA Perks account is a joint account created under your primary business account. Transfers from a business account can be made into their respective Perks accounts at any time and in any amount! Perks accounts allow employees to choose where to spend their bonus anywhere BizX is accepted–whether in person at a brick-and-mortar business or on the BizX Marketplace

Some of the more popular items that your employees, friends, and family might be interested in:

Restaurants that Accept the BizX Card – Dine at any of these restaurants and pay with BizX!
Travel – We have access to hotels, resorts, vacation homes, and more all over the world.
Wine & Spirits – With wineries from Walla Walla to Sonoma to choose from, there are selections to please every palate.
Health & Beauty – Schedule your next massage, meditation, or spa day!
Gift Cards – with so many to choose from, you'll have a great time treating yourself, family, or friends.

Cost-wise, your employees WILL NEVER PAY A FEE to BizX unless they elect to have items shipped or spend more than the amount in their account. For the primary account holder, transferring money into a Perks account is the same as purchasing anything on BizX.

Your employees are the backbone of your company, show how much you appreciate their efforts by opening their BizX Perk account today! 


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