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Member Spotlight

BizX Success: Earthborn Products

July 17, 2020 | Written by Lauren Simmons

BizX Earthborn Products 2Sheri Braemer of Earthborn Products, of San Diego, CA, uses BizX to attract new customers to her business. Finding new customers online is an ongoing effort, but by using BizX, Sheri can gain new customers and make additional sales that she would not have made through her website alone. We recently spoke to Sheri, to learn more:

  • Member Since: 2018
  • Cash Savings: $5K
  • Favorite Way to Use BizX: Marketing


0-2As a digital retailer specializing in natural, holistic dietary supplements sales for 23 years, I’ve been active on various bartering and trade platforms, and BizX is by far the most effective at helping me sell my products. For more than 3 years now, my presence on BizX has helped me sell thousands of dollars’ worth of products, all which I would not have sold otherwise.

Beyond selling my products, I’ve been able to spend BizX dollars on business purchases such as printing brochures, search engine optimization (SEO) for my website, graphic design, trademark registration, marketing and consulting. It’s also come in handy for things like auto care and plumbing. I’m also looking into opportunities to attend an upcoming Health and Wellness Expo, where I’d be able to pay for everything from my booth to brochures and banners to a hotel room near the venue, all via BizX. This is just one example of how to use your BizX dollars to bring in extra cash dollars to your business, advertise your products and business and ultimately make some great in person connections.

colloidal-silver-earthborn-products-categoryBizX isn’t just for businesses, though. I also use BizX to cover personal items that I would normally spend cash on, such as restaurants, massages, candles, essential oils, lotion and gift cards to local businesses that people love. There are plenty of vacation stays in hotels and cabins that look enticing, too. Even my puppy is spoiled with toys I’ve found on BizX. At the same time, BizX has helped me make some worthy donations to food drives, animal sanctuaries, a women's shelter and a group that sets up wells for people who don't have fresh drinking water.

Finding new customers online is an ongoing effort, but by using BizX, I can gain new customers and make additional sales that I would not have made through my website alone.

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