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BizX Success: 8 Limbs Yoga

August 6, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

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Most Westerners assume that asanas, or poses, encompass all of the teachings of yoga. In truth, the ancient Indian philosophy is based on 8 disciplines -- yama (attitudes toward our environment), niyama (attitudes toward ourselves), asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (sensoryrestraint), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (complete integration).

The eight disciplines, or `limbs’ of yoga are taught at 8 Limbs Yoga in the Greater Seattle area through classes, workshops, and other events that teach people a holistic way of living with an optimal sense of spiritual and physical well being.

Anne Phyfe Palmer, who started the studio 17 years ago as a non-competitive and safe place for practitioners to offer their all-rounded knowledge of yoga as a diverse discipline, won the small business award for the city of Seattle in 2008 and has grown her business to four centres: Capitol Hill, Phinney Ridge, Wedgewood and West Seattle.

8 Limbs Yoga logoEarly on in her entrepreneurial journey, Anne discovered the benefits of trading services organically. For example, someone who wanted to take a Yoga class would offer her some other service rather than cash in return. However, as the number of studios grew, Anne needed a way to maintain profitability as cash flow for the business expenses was always tight.

She became a member of BizX in 2005, and realized that a host of products and services could be availed in the BizX network using her newly-earned balance. BizX paid for remodeling expenses on her home, and that turned her into a believer in the cashless concept.

Anne now uses BizX to get marketing products and maintenance services for her yoga facilities. She also uses her BizX dollars to visit new restaurants and take family holidays in fun, exciting destinations she would probably not have visited if she hadn’t become a BizX member.

“Thriving small businesses can exchange their services without it impacting their bottom line,” she says. “Once 8 Limbs started accepting BizX, I noticed that customers who paid with BizX were likely to spend more because in their mind, they were not really spending cash. However, this only meant more new business for me, and more liquidity to spend on other important things.”

As her yoga studios expand, Anne wants to focus more of her time on marketing activities (such as her blog), and sees BizX as a key way to increase her customer base and keep her studios in great working order.

“As an advocate of local small businesses, I hope to see more of them sign onto BizX,” she says. “The community will not only help them preserve their cash flow, it will also increases options for me about what I myself choose to spend my BizX balance on.”

Visit 8 Limbs Yoga to find out more.



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