Upgrade Your Business


Upgrade Your Business

The Benefits of BizX Membership

New Customers

Everybody wants new customers! BizX is a sales and marketing channel that delivers high value customers. These are new customers that you wouldn’t have before. Since they are also business owners like you they are more loyal than customers looking for heavily discounted daily deals.

  • Increased sales
  • Open new markets
  • Better word-of-mouth
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Improved Cash Flow

Keep cash in your business by reducing where you spend it. Every BizX dollar you earn can be spent with another BizX member who can be a supplier as well as a customer. This means that more you buy and sell using BizX dollars can have a direct impact on increasing your day to day cashflow.

  • Increased productivity by filling idle inventory
  • Gain marketshare
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Powerful Community

Be at the center of thousands of other business owners. BizX makes it easy to build lasting business relationships as peers, suppliers, customers and more. We have regular networking events and topical events that will help grow your business. You can also leverage additional benefits from our industry sponsorships and partnerships.

  • Open new markets
  • Gain new customers and suppliers
  • Build customer loyalty
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The Proof Is in the Numbers


in new sales for members


in cash saved by members


in transactions between members

Additional Benefits

Perks by BizX – A simple, fun and affordable way to incentivize employees. Studies have proven there is a direct correlation between employee happiness and business financial performance. Our employee incentive program allows you to offer staff a bonus or higher salaries using BizX dollars.

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Fast, revolving and no cash interest. Get the funds you need to grow your business now and pay it back from new, loyal customers BizX delivers to you. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand, with thousands of products and services, BizX is the smartest way to increase your spending power without increasing your cash debt.

Learn about our Line of Credit

Donating BizX dollars is a powerful way to make charities more charitable. They can leverage BizX to reduce their operating expenses which means more cash is free to go to their cause. We work with a wide range of local and national non-profits that accept donations via the BizX Marketplace.

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We’re Your Commission Only Sales Force

It's free to join with affordable commissions paid after we send you customers.

Upgrading Your Business Starts With a Simple Introduction

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