Kirkland Winery Connects with Bonsai Media Group Through BizX to Achieve Top National Keyword Rankings

News Story from PRWEB

February 28, 2013

The Kirkland winery, Northwest Cellars, was looking for help with marketing their award-winning wines and custom wine labels. With countless new businesses all claiming to be SEO experts, the process in choosing an internet marketing agency seemed daunting. Enter – the unique community of BizX, whose membership allows for businesses to find what they need to grow in a supportive community. Through this connection, Bonsai Media Group has helped the Kirkland winery to achieve top national keyword rankings, increasing their web traffic, sales and awareness.

Bonsai specializes in Internet Marketing, branding unique and engaging experiences online, from driving visitors to a website, through SEO, to creating easy to use mobile experiences. This group of talented designers, developers and marketers utilize a special blend of user experience and analytically derived results to boost traffic to a company’s website.

Achieving this goal is an on-going process that depends upon complete product knowledge, as well as knowledge of potential customers. From initial logo and web design, to tapping into social media, Bonsai leaves no stone unturned, culminating in top national keyword rankings, and therefore, more business.

Northwest Cellars recently won a Double Platinum award for their 2009 Cadenza, a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Carmenere. Once people taste their wines they fall in love, so getting the word out is critical. Northwest Cellar’s custom label program is a great service that also needed to be made known. Finding someone to help with this was vital to the growth of their business – but how to find the right people?

BizX helped make it possible through their community of businesses that work with over 2,500 companies around the world, representing approximately $50 million in goods and services being exchanged each year. BizX is a network of businesses that buy and sell their products and services amongst each other without using cash; instead they use BizX dollars and benefit from new sales within the network, each realizing significant cash savings.

“Working with BizX not only provides more contacts, and therefore more business opportunities, but allows for the right partnerships to come together in a supportive community” – Jason LaBaw, Founder and CEO of Bonsai Media Group.