How it Works

Three Easy Steps to Understanding BizX

How it Works

Three Easy Steps to Understanding BizX

Want to see how it works for a specific industry?

1.  Identify How Many New Customers You Can Take

Every business can take at least one more customer. That spare capacity is valuable! Successful members leverage BizX to turn that waste into profit. How many more customers could you accept using only the unused parts of your business?

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The simple way to find out your performance is to use the one number every business owner knows – their topline revenue. This is your current business performance.

Now imagine you are running at 100% – a line out the door 7 days a week. Given your current staff and resources how much revenue would you be doing if that was the case? Just ballpark it…

Subtract the difference between your 100% number and your current revenue. This is how much more business you could be doing. BizX delivers new customers that cost you only the variable costs to serve a new customer while maintaining your fixed costs (staff, rent, etc).

2. Accept New BizX Customers

BizX delivers new, loyal, high-value customers you wouldn’t have had before. These are business owners, like you, that prefer to buy and sell with BizX (¤) instead of cash. These customers fill the extra capacity you have in your business today.

We promote your business through multiple channels including:

  • Online marketplace
  • Mobile app
  • Account managers
  • Phone & email promotions
  • and much, much more
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Set up your store with a photo, description and location information so you can be promoted within the community to start accepting BizX customers.

We have thousands of members located in the Seattle area, San Francisco Bay area, San Diego area and Dubai in the UAE. We have also have members all throughout the United States too.

In addition to our thousands of members we have nearly 40,000 affiliates worldwide that we can market your products and services to.

3. Spend BizX and Save Cash

Spend your new BizX income instead of hard earned cash within the BizX network in over 90 categories. By using BizX dollars (¤) you can keep more cash in your business and your wallet. You can also use BizX dollars to fund projects that you wouldn’t normally have the cash for like:

  • A large media campaign
  • An amazing vacation
  • Office expansion
  • Employee bonuses
  • and many more
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  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Printing & Mailing
  • Internet Services & Communications
  • Building Maintenance
  • And More!
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Constructions
  • Employee Incentive
  • Professional Development & Education
  • And More!
  • Travel
  • Eating out
  • Health & Beauty
  • Auto
  • And More!

BizX Delivers a Competitive Edge

BizX members outperform their peers due to better word-of-mouth, faster growth and increased marketshare. BizX will help you:

1. Help you identify your spare capacity and its value
2. Deliver new high-value customers
3. Reduce your cash expenditure by spending BizX dollars instead of cash

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New Customers

We deliver loyal, high-value business owners like you, to you

Better Buying Power

Buy what you need at your cost of goods instead of your hard earned cash

Increased Cash Flow

Spend BizX dollars, save your cash

It's Easy to Buy and Sell in Our Community

BizX has an online marketplace and mobile app to make connecting with other businesses quick and easy. Sell what you have online and shop for what you need. It’s just one of the ways we’ve made it easier to attract new customers.

Over4,000members improved their cash flow by joining BizX

The Safe, Legal Way

BizX is a safe and legal marketplace that is compliant with IRS regulations. The BizX dollars you earn are stored securely in an online account accessible from the BizX Marketplace.

There are no tax advantages or disadvantages. When you spend, sales tax is paid in BizX. When you sell, you collect the sales tax in BizX and pay the government in cash. You can even integrate it with your point of sale terminal.

Account Statement

Receive your monthly BizX statement which will show all purchases and sales for each month. Track all new sales & purchases directly from your BizX account. Give and get invoices and receipts just like any cash transaction.


All sales get reported as income. BizX will issue you and the IRS a 1099-B each year for those sales. All purchases would be expensed, just as you would any cash expense.

IRS Compliant

Our currency and transactions comply with both the IRS Regulations as well as the guidelines established by the non-profit small business industry specific organization IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association).

How Will the BizX Network Benefit My Business?

BizX helps a diverse array of businesses grow revenue and reduce costs. See where BizX will improve your business!

Upgrading Your Business Starts With a Simple Introduction

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