BizX Announces 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase; Giving BizX Members an Opportunity to Save Cash and Purchase Holiday Gifts Using BizX Dollars

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November 21, 2013

BizX, a trusted community of businesses that uses a private digital currency in lieu of US dollars to buy and sell, announces that its 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase will be held today, where over 1,000 BizX members will gather at the Pacific Market Center in downtown Seattle buy products and services for the holidays. A variety of gifts will be available for purchase using BizX dollars (no cash accepted), including everything from the most popular toys for kids to a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle for that person on your list who has everything.

The sales from the 2013 BizX Annual Holiday Showcase are expected to exceed sales from the previous year, which exceeded $300,000 in BizX dollars.

“I’m so excited for our 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase. We expect that this will be the largest BizX trade event we have ever hosted,” states Bob Bagga, CEO and Founder of BizX. “With close to 1,000 RSVPS confirmed, we look forward to kicking off the holiday season with our friends, family and BizX member community.”

Bagga also comments that “in addition to hosting the holiday showcase, we’re also introducing our newest Perks Program which allows current BizX members the ability to share their BizX dollars through an employee incentive program. We are excited to bring together innovative business leaders for a night of merriment and an opportunity to learn how to fully leverage the BizX community so they can maximize sales and save cash.”

Since 2002, BizX members have conducted over $400 million in BizX $ transactions. BizX is a community of over 3,000 businesses, mostly located on the west coast, that buy and sell amongst each other using BizX$ instead of cash. Some BizX members include:
BizX members include: San Francisco Giants, Clear Channel, Seattle Seahawks, Precept Wines, Seattle Sun Tan and Heavy Restaurant Group.

About BizX

BizX is a trusted community of businesses that uses a private digital currency called BizX dollars, in lieu of US dollars, to buy and sell (1 BizX$=1 USD$). BizX members trade goods and services with other members to increase sales, attract new members, save cash, increase profits and sell excess inventory. This is the reason BizX exists: to empower communities by enriching trade. In 2012, BizX members used BizX digital currency to purchase $60M worth of goods and services, resulting in cash savings of $30M. Founded in 2002, BizX has offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Dubai. For more information, visit BizX at

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