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We're ready to deliver new customers and better cash flow.

BizX is a community of thousands of business owners who are able to buy and sell amongst each other without spending cash. Instead, they use their very own community currency, BizX dollars. 

The benefits are simple: they each earn new customers that they wouldn’t have had, and get to buy things they need without spending their hard-earned cash.

Ask a BizX expert how we can help grow your business:

  • Get in touch with us to schedule a 10 minute consultation to discuss how BizX can help do the following for your business:
    1. Drive new revenue 
    2. Find cash savings
    3. Connect with new customers near you


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"BizX provides a partnership... BizX sends me their customers that I wouldn't have had otherwise!"

- John Schmidt, Neighborhood Grills

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"BizX has helped me build my business with customers that are not in my area and don't know who I am."

- Aaron Muller, AA Auto

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"With BizX, we've done several sizable remodeling and construction projects by spending BizX instead of cash."

- Dee Patterson, Crystal Mountain Hotels

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