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BizX Gets Better as It Grows.

4 reasons to refer a business into the BizX network:

  1. More businesses to buy from & sell to
  2. Increased value of your BizX dollars, which are as valuable as the members that accept them. More members means more value.
  3. Get top priority to use the products & services of the member that you refer.
  4. Earn $100 BizX for every referral that joins - and they do too!

Who should you refer to BizX:

  • Anyone that you want to buy from. Don't spend cash! Send them our way and we will reach out and get them going with BizX.
  • Friends & Associates that could benefit from this B2B network.
  • High quality business within  in-demand industries like: restaurants, skilled trades (painters, electrical, plumbers, etc), printers, or sign companies
  • Businesses with great reputations that want more business!

Fill out this quick form (no limit on the number of businesses you can refer), and we will do the rest, and let you know when your referral signs up!

Or, you can login to your account to receive and share your custom referral link.

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