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BizX brings businesses new customers & better cash flow. Learn how BizX can help your business!

What is BizX?

BizX is diverse community fueled by business owners who can leverage one another to earn new customers and improve cash flow by selling their excess capacity. No business runs at 100%. At the end of the day, week, or month, there’s typically something left unutilized.

To solve that, the BizX community buys and sells with an in-network currency representing that spare capacity while keeping your cash in-pocket. These businesses earn loyal, high-value customers, and optimize their bottom lines.

Whatever a business' excess is, it has value, and that value is realized with BizX.


How does it work?


Sign up and identify how much new business you want.

After signing up, get ready to start accepting the BizX dollar. Create your store and list your products and services to make your business visible to the BizX network.


Accept new BizX customers.

BizX Members would rather do business with another member first, because they understand that a BizX Dollar spent is a cash dollar saved. As a result, you gain new, high-value customers who are business owners, like you, that you wouldn’t have had otherwise!


Spend your new BizX revenue instead of cash.

With your new incremental revenue of BizX dollars, spend it on areas to offset business and personal expenses. This allows you to upgrade your business, while keeping cash in your pocket.


How do businesses spend BizX?

Businesses spend their BizX on our online marketplace, in person at locations that accept the BizX card, and by using our mobile app. They use BizX instead of cash to:

  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    Accounting & taxes, printing & mailing, building maintenance, etc.
  • Expand Their Business
    Advertising & marketing, construction, employee incentives, etc.
  • Offset Personal Expenses
    Travel, eating out, health & beauty, auto, etc
  • Reward Their Employees
    Perks by BizX–employee incentive program.
  • Give Back to the Community
    Donate to the many charities in the BizX network.

Chef John Howie used BizX to remodel his restaurant, SeaStar.

Chef Howie’s renovation cost just north of $1M, but he didn’t have to pay that entire price tag in US dollars. Instead, he got a BizX line of credit and included BizX in the budget for the remodel. By doing this, he was able to keep over $100,000 in his business and off set that cost by spending BizX dollars instead.


"All things equal I will always prefer to use a BizX member as a supplier, it makes a big difference on my top line and cash flow" – Chef Howie

There are 5,000 businesses who are leveraging BizX to gain new customers and increase their cash flow.

Discover the community of BizX Members in the Greater Seattle Area, Bay Area, and San Diego.

Optimize your business today.

Our pricing is transparent. There is no joining fee nor monthly/annual fee. We do charge you a cash percentage on the value of each buy and sell you make in the network. You are only charged at the time of the transaction. Rest assured this isn’t like a credit card processing fee. It is more akin to a commission-only sales fee.

Contact us for more information.