Creative Solutions For Managing Rent



We’re living in extraordinary times.

It’s time to #RethinkRent

BizX has the creative solutions you need to manage rent.

As businesses of all kinds feel the financial strains of COVID-19, landlords and tenants alike are searching for creative ways to stay productive, stay positive, and stay put.

BizX has helped some of the biggest names in real estate save cash while finding new customers since 2001. Today, as business owners face plummeting revenue and landlords face mounting missed payments, both are searching for a new way to pay.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to be a BizX member. We’ve created two simple guides to help tenants and landlords harness the power of BizX to stay current on payments and emerge from this unprecedented era stronger on the other side. Check out the blog post by our CEO, Bob Bagga, to learn more.

We’re in this together.

BizX for Tenants (PDF)      |      BizX for Landlords (PDF)

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